TrafficXHub+ Installation

TrafficXHub™ can be set up to collect data from the roadside when secured to a pole using pole-mount brackets and clamps. The image below illustrates the set-up of TrafficXHub™ in the field. The recommended mounting height of the sensor is 3 meters above the ground and at least 2 meters away from any other RF transmitter.

External Antenna Installation (Some Models) #

Two RF antennas are used in the TrafficXHub™ sensor for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth detection. These antennas are dust and water-resistant, but in order to make them waterproof, the connection between the antenna and enclosure body needs to be sealed with self-fusing tape.

To prevent water intrusion, the following steps must be followed:
1- Firmly hand-tighten the antenna
2- Remove backing film from a piece of the provided self-fusing tape
3- Begin wrapping the tape around the antenna joint starting below the coupling ring and stretch it 100% to ensure good compression around the connector as shown below

Mounting Plates and Brackets #

Two pole-mounting brackets are used to mount the sensor to a pole. The image below shows how mounting brackets should be attached to the sensor case.
Important: Make sure the bolts are tight