Enter the era of ATSPMs

Experiencing the Efficiencies from Cloud-Based ATSPMs  

Using continuous, high-resolution probe data to populate the Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) are more cost effective, flexible, and scalable compared to detector-based data in detecting deficiencies of signalized intersections. It is time to add them to your signal management toolbox! 

Our Solution

Intersection graphic
Holistic KPIS for Intersections
  • Turning Movement Counts (TMC) 
  • Control and stop delay 
  • Arrival on Green (AOG) 
  • Split failure 
  • Level of Service 
  • Downstream blockage 


Road time graphic
Holistic KPIs for Corridors
  • Travel time 
  • Speed 
  • Number of stops 
  • Delay 
  • Queue length
  • Bottleneck locations 
  • Travel time reliability


Shipping port graphic
Advanced Visualization
  • Time-space diagrams 
  • Color-Coded Level of Service (LOS) charts 
  • Speed heatmaps and queue lengths for intersections and corridors 

Our Difference

Highest Accuracy and Detail
  • Data is collected per car, not based on the location(s) of each passenger in the car. Therefore, there is no mistaking passengers for vehicles (No “double counting”) 
  • The vehicle position data can pinpoint to the lane level 
Unparalleled Visibility and Scalability
  • Visibility into complete travel routes, not just detector-monitored spot performance 
  • The vehicle position data can pinpoint to the lane level 
Shipping port graphic
One Price. Unlimited Metrics
  • Work on as many projects as you need simultaneously within your select zones 

High-Resolution Connected Car Trajectory Data: The Future of ATSPMs?

How Much Sample is Enough?

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