Real-Time Traffic Data and Predictive Insights
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Solving Landside Congestion at Ports

It all starts with smart data – to access the ground truth, uncover the bottlenecks, and determine the impact of your solutions. We make landside congestion data at ports easy to collect and analytics ready to use – so you don’t spend time on searching for the facts, but on solving the problem.

Access the Ground Truth 

Your drayage contractors report that wait times at your terminal gates have worsened.

Do you have answers to the if, when, and why questions?

Using SMATS’ TrafficXHub sensors and iNode app, you will be equipped to access not only the facts 24/7, but also patterns and trends of congestion.  

Create a Great Experience for Truck Drivers 

While having a Terminal Appointment System helps, gate congestion still happens. It can be frustrating for truck drivers to show up for an appointment on time but still have to wait in a long queue.

Use our solution to share real-time wait times automatically with the truck drivers, so they can plan their schedules accordingly.  

Get a Handle on Truck Routes 

Your community partners are unhappy because drayage trucks enter their streets and neighbourhoods despite no-enter signs.

Leverage SMATS’ solution to take a data-driven approach to identifying the affected areas, determine the frequency of entries, and design and assess your counter measures.  

What Facts are You Looking For?

Our Solution

Data Collection
  • SMATS proprietary IoT products, including Bluetooth sensors and beacons, track the movements of trucks in and around the terminals
  • SMATS cloud data provides real-time traffic movement status in surrounding areas
Data Analytics

iNode™ ingests and filters the traffic data, generates real-time and predictive turn times and produces powerful customized traffic models

  • Terminal gate truck wait times 
  • In-terminal truck turn times 
  • In-terminal truck routes 
  • Pick up and drop off times 
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Data Integration

iNode™’s open architecture integrates seamlessly with all port management systems and communication applications

  • Truck Appointment Systems 
  • Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) 
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)  
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) 

Our Difference

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Built for Ports

Collecting raw data may be easy, turning it into helpful analytics and reports is often out of the scope of work for in-house IT teams.

Designed for terminal operators and port authorities, iNode™ offers ready to use report templates and visualization graphs. No developer time needed! 

Best Return on Investment

Not only does our solution require low investment, you will also be delighted with the complete package of features – all for the same price. No subscription tiers, no hidden charges. 

Configuration graphic

Easy to install; easy requirements on infrastructure; easy onboarding. With our virtual installation and onboarding support, technical or not, you can set up and master the solution in a matter of a few hours! 

Customer Success Stories

See how our end-to-end port traffic management systems enable port authorities and operators to make data-informed decisions and optimize terminal operations. 

Port of Trois-Rivières

Real-time traffic data empowers the port authority to optimize operations and make infrastructure decisions  

Fenix Marine Services

Visibility into real-time truck movements helps improve turn-times and service rates at the Port of Los Angeles  

“SMATS truck traffic wait-time monitoring allowed us to better measure and manage
our traffic at the terminal gates. Real-time data has provided visibility where we had
none and is helping us to better service the trucks. The system is easy to deploy and
the SMATS team provided great technical expertise and support.”

John Rosen

CTO, Fenix Marine Services

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