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Collect Actionable Traffic Data

SMATS offers a powerful traffic data analytics application, providing accurate and robust traffic information. We get our data from travel time sensors, radar sensors, and third-party crowdsourced traffic data powered by advanced analytics. Whatever your project goal is, SMATS can help you collect and analyze the data you need. 

Improve Traffic Flow with Reliable Traffic Data

SMATS iNode ™ data collection and analytics application is designed for travel-time, speed, count and classification, origin-destination, and signal performance measures data analysis and visualization. Utilizing the data analytics available in iNode ™ helps traffic operation, engineering, and planning departments to better manage traffic flow and optimize transportation networks


Congestion Monitoring

Real-time data monitoring for popular routes such as AM and PM commuter routes. Obtain traffic alerts when unusual traffic patterns are detected. 

Work Zone Monitoring

Managing traffic during construction is necessary to minimize traffic delays, maintain motorist and worker safety, and maintain access for businesses and residents. 

Bottleneck Detection

Determine points of congestion in your current infrastructure, analyze the data, and prioritize the locations that need improvement. 

Signal Re-Timing Projects

Collect and analyze travel time and delay data, run before and after studies to assist with your signal re-timing projects.

Traffic Studies

Gather insightful information during the planning and design phases of projects to help determine the impact of developments, allocation of lanes, or undertaking of a complete street project.

Addressing Citizen Complaints

Capture factual data on the location that citizens complain about traffic congestion and long delays the most.

Origin Destination Analysis

Determine travel patterns and capture data to assist with traffic planning.

Border Management

Access to both real-time and historical data to better understand border trends during holidays, events, elections, long weekends, etc. Improve your queue management systems with real-time traffic data and display accurate wait times on your dynamic signage and websites. 

Port Management

Track truck locations within the port and measure key performance indicators such as gate wait time, loading/unloading time, and turn time.


Customer Success Stories

See how iNode  our end-to-end traffic management systems enable our customers around the world to ensure roads are safe, travel is efficient, and communities thrive through infrastructure advancements.

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The SMATS iNode™ platform has provided the City with a way to automate travel time studies, which helps to preserve staff time and advances the City towards its transportation goals. SMATS staff was readily available by phone or e-mail to accommodate and correct our problems.

Michael J. Frederick

Transportation Manager, City of St. Petersburg

SMATS’ iNode™ platform provided the County’s Traffic Operations with the required data and online analysis tool to facilitate traffic officials work in achieving Traffic Operations’ mission. We have always received the needed support in a timely manner from SMATS.

Anthony N. Khawaja P.E

Chief Engineer of Traffic Operations, Collier County

Diverse functionality, remote accessibility, and the valid traffic data we obtain using SMATS’ iNode™ platform greatly help us make many traffic-related decisions.

Bruno Lepage

Incident Management Coordinator, City of Ottawa