SMATS specializes in hardware and software solutions for your traffic data needs. From travel time to origin destination studies, our technology covers a plethora of use cases. Our WiFi and Bluetooth Sensors offer the highest detection rate on the market, and we have additional data sources with our integration of Crowdsourced Data. The collected data syncs to our analytics platform (iNode) in real time, which then processes and displays concise, user-friendly information for simplified decision making.


Travel TIme

Travel time measurement gives the most important traffic information for indicating a road's mobility performance.

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Origin Destination

Origin-Destination (OD) studies are used to determine travel patterns of traffic in an area of interest for a period of time.

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Signal Optimization

Use Smats Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors to manage traffic at signalized intersections, which are the major components of a traffic system.

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Worldwide, congestion continues to be a serious problem at land crossings. This impacts travelers and the ability of companies to move goods efficiently.

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Port Management
Use SMATS sensors and iNode™ data analytics to manage your port truck traffic, reduce wait times, and optimize operations.

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Work Zones

Cities must constantly manage the delay and congestion caused by construction on their roads. On top of minimizing delay, there is also a responsibility to improve driver and worker safety within these work zones.

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