Bulk Edit

In some situations, it is needed to change several links’ settings at the same time but It is hard to open each link’s settings page and modify them one by one. The best way here is to use the Bulk Edit option.

  1. Select Links > Bulk Edit
  2. Select the links that you want to change their settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. If you want to modify the links’ free-flow speed, check the Free Flow Speed option and enter a new speed.
  4. Based on your account, you have the Sensor and/or Crowdsourced options for the Active, Live, and Default Data Source fields. Select your desired data source(s).
  5. If you select the Sensor as the Active data source, for the next step, you should set the sensor Travel Time Update Interval in minutes (the default is 3 mins). However, if you choose the Crowdsourced as the Active data source, you should set both the crowdsourced Travel Time Update Interval (the default is 10mins) and schedule.
  6. Click on Save.