Link Menu

The Link Menu shows the list of configured links and their brief information. This list consists of information about links’ Status, Name, Distance, Free Flow Speed, Data Source, and Grid.

Important: The Status column is available when the links’ data source is Crowdsourced.

Links’ status can have five different values including Disabled, Scheduled, Collecting, Collected, and Not Collected.

Disabled : This status means that the link is not live and do not collect data even if it is scheduled.

Scheduled : This status shows that the link is scheduled and will start collecting data in the future based on the specified schedule.

Collecting : This status indicates that the link is collecting data right now until the schedule is finished.

Collected : This status means that the link has collected the travel time data based on its scheduled and it is finished successfully.

Not Collected : This Status shows that the link could not collect data based on its scheduled successfully and something went wrong such as the company’s Google credit has expired or finished.

More information about links can be found by clicking on in the table or on the Link Info Tab.