Sensor Info Tab

The Sensor Info tab shows the sensor’s various information, location on the map, and google street view.

Sensor Information Section includes:

UUID: Unique identifier assigned to the sensor by iNodeTM.

Name: The chosen name for the sensor.

Note: The description that you have written when creating the sensor.

Serial: The sensor’s CPU serial number.

IP: The IP address of the sensor.

VPN IP: The VPN IP address of the sensor.

Last Heartbeat Time: The last time that sensor data is synced to the iNodeTM.

Status: Online or Offline shows whether the sensor is on or off.

City: Name of the sensor’s location city.

Country: Name of the sensor’s location country.

Time Zone: Time zone of the sensor’s location.

Traffic Type: Shows if the sensor works in public or private mode. Private mode sensors capture only MAC addresses that are in their white list.

Type: Shows the type of the sensor, TrafficBox or TrafficXHub.

Time Sync: Shows whether the time is synced.

Location: The latitude and longitude of the sensor.

Temperature: Inside temperature of the sensor’s box.

CPU Temperature: Temperature of the sensor’s CPU.

Humidity: Percentage of the humidity.

Voltage: Input voltage level.

Current: Current consumption.

RAM usage: The usage of the RAM.

SD Card Memory: The usage of the SD card memory.

CPU: Percentage of CPU usage.

Uptime: The duration that the sensor is online.

The sensor’s location on the Map is shown with a black marker on the left bottom side, and Street View (if available) is shown on the Info tab’s right bottom side.