smartmicro’s ultra-high-definition traffic sensors feature multi-lane and multi-object tracking radar technology.

The radar uses a Forward Firing Technology resulting in more accurate detection and installation flexibility using the existing infrastructure compared to Side Firing radars.

The radar can track vehicles up to 300 metres over a 100-degree field of view, so vehicles remain inside the field of view for much longer.

Vehicle position and speed vectors measure with higher accuracy, and a better classification. For example, one sensor can offer up to 32 detection zones.


Real-Time Vehicle Detection

smartmicro Radar detects and classify the objects
Metal box with plugs and wires attached

Data Aggregator

TrafficXHub reads and aggregates radar data at edge


iNode cloud software stores and visualizes aggregated data


Ultra-High-Definition (4D/UHD)
Separate objects by speed, range, and azimuth angle to measure elevation angles.
Flexible Location
Use the radar on any existing infrastructure, for example, roadside, intersection, or highway medians.
Detect More Vehicles
Detect up to 256 vehicles simultaneously. Designed for high-performance, multi-lane, and multi-object detection.
Built-in self-calibration functions throughout the entire design life makes this sensor maintenance-free.
Extended Detection Range
Detect a range up to 300m (984ft).
Robust Hardware
Unbreakable, rated IP67, and reliably works in environments from -40 to +85°C over an extensive lifetime.
All-Weather Solution
Collect data in all weather conditions without compromise for ambient light or reduced visibility.
Seven Object Classification
Classify pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, transporters, trucks or buses, and long trucks.


Car data graphic
Remote Config
Configure smartmicro Radar remotely with real-time video and on-demand VPN through iNode and TrafficXHub edge unit, eliminating the need for high data usage static IP simcard
Real-Time Data
Sync radar data to iNode™ in real-time for prompt traffic status delivery and decision-making. TrafficXHub stores data locally and syncs back after internet connection is restored
Radar Data Alerts
Stay informed with email notifications on radar traffic data and event triggers. Get real-time updates on changes based on static thresholds or historical traffic patterns, so you never miss a beat
Historical Data
Explore historical data with iNode™ Insight to conduct before-and-after studies, and track traffic trends over weeks or months for valuable insights


Count, Classification and Occupancy
Spot Speed
Queue Length & Stopped Vehicle Detection
Wrong Way Detection