Traffic Congestion Management Software – iNode™

iNode™ is a cloud-based traffic data analytics application for Traffic Management Offices. It provides all the Departments – including Traffic Operation, Engineering, and Planning – accurate and robust real-time traffic information for better management of traffic congestion.

iNode Data Sources

Software Features

Software Features

Real-Time Traffic Map

Monitor the congestion status of the links and routes in your network and watch real-time traffic alerts on the map.

Before and After Analysis

Run before and after analysis to see the impact of changes you make to your traffic network including signal timings.

Traffic Alerts

Receive email notification when traffic status changes based on a user threshold, historical patterns, or the communication is lost with a sensor. 

Raw Data Export

Users can access and export the raw data they collect, giving you full control over your data.

Traffic Trends

Analyze and compare travel time and speed trends for different hours, days, and months. 

Robust & State of The Art Filtering Algorithm

iNode™ intelligent and robust filtering algorithm removes all the outliers from the sensors captured MAC address data.

Traffic Heat Maps

Analyze and compare the speed of one or multiple routes with a heatmap visualization in a 24-hour format.

Advanced Traffic Analytics

Access advanced data metrics such as count and classification and signal performance measures. 

Open API

iNode™ fully documented REST API makes the integration with other systems seamless.

Cloud or On-Premise Installation

iNode™ can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise servers as needed.

Remote Control & Configuration of Sensors

Within iNode™, you can remotely configure and firmware upgrade our Bluetooth and WiFi sensors.

iNode Crowdsourced, WiFi and Bluetooth, and Radar Traffic Data Comparison