iNode™ is a cloud-based traffic data analytics application for Traffic Management Offices. Provide traffic data to all departments including traffic operation, engineering, and planning. Use real-time traffic information and historic data for better traffic congestion management.

One of the key features of iNode™ is its ability to provide real-time traffic information. This means that traffic management offices can quickly and easily identify areas of congestion and take steps to alleviate the problem. Additionally, iNode™ uses historic traffic data to help traffic management offices better understand traffic patterns and trends, which can inform future traffic management decisions.


Real-Time Traffic Map
  • Monitor traffic congestion of different links and routes
  • Receive real-time traffic alerts on the map
Before and After Analysis
  • Run before and after analyses
  • Measure the impact of traffic network changes
Traffic Alerts
  • Enable email notifications for changes based on: 
    • User defined threshold
    • Historical patterns
    • Lost communication with a sensor
Raw Data Export
  • Collect and export raw data 
  • Access full control over traffic data
Traffic Heat Maps
  • Visualize the location of bottlenecks
  • Assess the congestions of one or multiple routes
Advanced Traffic Analytics
  • Access accurate traffic metrics
  • Continous data verification
Traffic Trends
  • Compare traffic data trends
  • Analyze over different hours, days, and months
Data Cleansing
  • Intelligent and robust filtering algorithms
  • Eliminate the impact of outliers
Open API
  • Fully documented REST API
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems
iNode™ Installation Alternatives
  • Hosted on the cloud
  • Or using on-premise servers
Remote Control & Configuration of Sensors
  • Remotely configure and update firmware of the sensors


Congestion Monitoring
  • Real-time data monitoring for popular routes 
  • Automated email notifications when congestion occurs





Traffic Signal Retiming
  • Holistic KPIs for intersections and corridors 
  • Speed heat maps and time-space diagrams

Origin Destination Analysis
  • OD count and travel time matrix
  • Individual vehicle trip info including wait time in zones
Complete Streets
  • SMATS’ iNode application can be used for lane re-allocations, signal retiming, and surrogate safety data analysis

Safety Data and Analytics
  • Risk screening and prediction model
  • Speed limit compliance screening
  • Near misses between vehicles and VRUs
  • Before after studies 

Port Traffic Monitoring
  • Terminal gate truck wait-times and in-terminal turn times
  • Truck movements inside the terminal
  • Truck routes around the terminal
Work Zone Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of travel time and speed through the work zone
  • Automated email notifications when congestion occurs
  • Automated display of predicted time on VMS

Software Features




Crowdsourced Traffic Data


Travel Time Data​ 

Travel Speed Data​

Traffic Alerts 

OnDemand (Pay per use) 


Wifi and Bluetooth


Travel Time Data​ 

Travel Speed Data​

Origin Destination Studies

Traffic Alerts​

Continuous Data (24/7)




Vehicle Count Data​

Classification Data​

Wrong-way Detection​

Queue Detection


Connected Car Probe Data

Signal Performance Measures​

Corridor Analysis​

Origin-Destination Studies​

Safety Analytics

Speed and Travel Time

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