Crowdsourced Traffic Data

Crowdsourced traffic data, including connected car data, is a new way of capturing traffic congestion data. This traffic data source is based on timestamped location and speed data received from moving vehicles. The location data can be sourced from onboard car GPS systems or mobile applications. Crowdsourced travel time data brings an opportunity to have traffic data for more roads and locations, eliminating the installation of physical sensors for some applications.

Aggregated and Connected Car Traffic Data

SMATS iNode™ is a powerful data processing platform designed to provide on-demand accurate and robust traffic information from 3rd party aggregated crowdsourced traffic data such as speed and travel time. Aggregated traffic data is directly shared with SMATS from 3rd party partners. The connected car high-resulotion GPS data is provided by Wejo. The data travels to iNode™, where it is automatically captured and analyzed efficiently, saving agencies time and money.

Public agencies at the federal, state, and local levels are increasing both their situational awareness and the quality and quantity of operations data using iNode™, which enables agency staff to cost-effectively apply proactive strategies and make better decisions that lead to safer and more reliable transportation systems.

Crowdsourced Traffic Data Features

Low Data Latency

Update latency ranging from 15-60 seconds.


Increased Accuracy

Data precision of under 3 meters, 95% of the time.

High Coverage

Millions of active vehicles, access complete data in urban and rural locations.