SMATS travel time sensors detect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals MAC address (fingerprints) from smart devices.

The sensors can detect three types of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals offering the highest detection rate on the market. Signals include classic Bluetooth, Low Energy Bluetooth, Bluetooth Connected, and WiFi.


Roadside Scanner

SMATS TrafficXHub™ is a fixed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanner that provides accurate MAC address detection and matching. Access real-time data for live traffic monitoring and adaptation.

With a fixed or solar power supply, the TrafficXHub™ is ideal for ongoing projects, from small-scale to city-wide.


Portable and Securable Scanner

SMATS TrafficBox™ is a pole-mounted, battery operated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensor. Designed to be secured and left at any location of interest to collect data for several days at a time.

The scanner operates inside of a ruggedized waterproof and shockproof carrying case, which allows for easy transportation to any location. The pole-mount design allows for fast and easy installation and removal, making data collection effortless.


Traffic Cabinet Integration

SMATS TrafficXHub™ Cabinet is a permanent, in-cabinet mount that uses a WiFi and Bluetooth sensor. The TrafficXHub™ Cabinet provides reliable MAC address detection and matching. The cabinet also accesses real-time data for live monitoring and adaptation using iNode™.

The TrafficXHub™ Cabinet follows a card type form factor and is ideal for ongoing projects where access to a traffic cabinet is available.

Wifi and Bluetooth Sensor Features

Power Source
Power-over-ethernet (PoE), solar, and AC
Detection Zone
Adjustable detection zones
LTE, Ethernet LAN, and 5GHz WiFi
Remote Firmware Upgrades
Web-Based remote local configuration interface
Remote Control
Remotely change settings and configure deployed sensors
FCC and IC compliant
Bluetooth connected, discoverable, low-energy, and WiFi

How Much Data is Enough?

Get the minimum sample size you need for estimating traffic metrics.

Gallery (TrafficXHub WebUI)

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