Components and Specifications #

The SMATS radar detector system consists of the TrafficXHub (data aggregator and router) and a smartmicro forward-firing radar. TrafficXHub must be connected to the smartmicro radar JBox using the RS-485/12V data/power cable provided by SMATS. The picture below shows the cabling setup and the recommended installation heights.

The radar must be installed facing the preceding and/or approaching traffic, as shown in the picture. The optimal radar pitch, roll, and azimuths can be adjusted by SMATS staff guidance (onsite or remotely).

System components and installation specifications

In case, you need to re-wire the radar power/data cable, please follow the below diagram for the cable connecting the TrafficXHub to the smartmicro JBox. Please note that TX and RX cables are crossed between JBOX and TrafficXHub.

Radar data/power wiring guide

Mounting Brackets #

The TrafficXHub and the smartmicro radar come with pole-mount brackets and clamps for installation, as shown below:

TrafficXHub pole-mount bracket

smartmicro radar pole-mount bracket