Next Generation Risk Screening and Prediction Model
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Next Generation of Safety Analytics

Whether it is Safety Performance Functions or other traditional risk prediction models, they are based on traditional safety data such as crashes, thereby limited by the delays in data availability. Welcome to the first risk screening and prediction model using connected car data. The data is timely and detailed, the model is easy to use, and the result has proven to represent the reality. 

Connected Car Data is No Longer Optional

Nearly 95% of serious traffic collisions are due to human error. And that’s why connected car data should be an essential part of your safety study data mix.

Because it is the only data source that captures driver behaviours from the connected sensors and “brains” of vehicles, there is no ambiguity, no guessing. What you get represents the truth!  

Narrow Risk Screening Down to VRUs

Identifying near misses is hard, and pinpointing near misses involving a VRU based on driver behaviors is even harder.

Our advanced algorithms are trained to detect near misses with VRUs and pinpoint them for any intersection or road segment of your interest. 

Shorten the Data Collection Cycle 

Crashes, injuries, and death tolls are important facts for any safety studies. But they are often a year, or a few years delayed.

Surrogate safety metrics generated from connected cars can be real time or historicso you never have to wait and can get meaningful safety metrics at any time. 

Our Solution

Risk Screening
  • Risk screening and prediction model  
  • Speed limit compliance screening 
  • Near-misses between vehicles and a vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users 
  • All road types 
Before After Studies

  • Harsh brakes or harsh acceleration events  
  • Near-misses between a vehicle and Vulnerable Road User 
  • Speed limit violation rate and magnitude  
  • All road types 
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Data for Traditional SPFs

  • AADT 
  • Turning movement counts 
  • Speed data 
  • Data is the most current and accurate compared to other data sources on the market 

Our Difference

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Risk Screening & Prediction Model

The first risk screening and prediction model using connected car data with proven accuracy in results 

VRU Near Misses

The first app that pinpoints near misses involving a VRU based on connected car driver behaviours data

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One Cost, Unlimited Studies

Work on as many projects as you need simultaneously within your select zones 

Why Connected Car Data?

Connected car data has a high correlation with historical crashes, with harsh braking and acceleration ranking higher than AADT and speed in importance as accident predictors. Read our blog to see how! 

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