Traffic solutions for local, transit, and government agencies
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Congestion Monitoring

Real-time data monitoring for popular routes such as AM and PM commuter routes. Capture factual data on the location where citizens complain about traffic congestion and long delays the most. 

Traffic Signal Retiming

Users can use iNode™ data to manage traffic at signalized intersections. The solution consists of a signal re-timing method, which makes use of real-time travel time and delay data to optimize traffic signals and run before and after studies.

Origin Destination Analysis

Origin destination (OD) studies offer details on where users begin and end their trips. iNode™ employs a MAC address matching algorithm to locate OD trips and the matrix by establishing a network of sensors around OD points of interest.

Port Traffic Monitoring

By managing the flow of trucks to and from the port terminals, iNode™ opens the door for more efficient operations and a reduction in traffic congestion around the ports. iNode™ can provide analytics data on each vehicle entering/exiting the port, vehicle cargo, and the movement of vehicles inside each terminal.

Complete Streets

iNode™ can support conducting Complete Streets policy projects. The provided traffic measures help implement modifications to the City transportation systems that are more balanced among different roadway user types.

Work Zone Monitoring

Measuring travel time in construction zones allows Cities and Departments of Transportation to measure and manage delays occurring due to construction and lane closures and design and monitor detours efficiently. 


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