Traffic solutions for local, transit, and government agencies
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Congestion Monitoring
  • Real-time data monitoring for popular routes 
  • Automated email notifications when congestion occurs
Traffic Signal Retiming
  • Holistic KPIs for intersections and corridors 
  • Speed heat maps and time-space diagrams

Origin Destination Analysis
  • OD count and travel time matrix
  • Individual vehicle trip info including wait time in zones
Complete Streets
  • SMATS’ iNode application can be used for lane re-allocations, signal retiming, and surrogate safety data analysis

Safety Data and Analytics
  • Risk screening and prediction model
  • Speed limit compliance screening
  • Near misses between vehicles and VRUs
  • Before after studies 

Port Traffic Monitoring
  • Terminal gate truck wait-times and in-terminal turn times
  • Truck movements inside the terminal
  • Truck routes around the terminal
Work Zone Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of travel time and speed through the work zone
  • Automated email notifications when congestion occurs
  • Automated display of predicted time on VMS


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