Alerts Tab

Alert Tab shows all the alerts assigned to links and routes in two separate tables. These tables provide information regarding the alert history, current status, last evaluation period, assigned link/route name, alert template name, alert check, and last check time. These columns are defined as follows:

History: by clicking on the clock icon , you can see the last 7 days alert status chart.

Current Status: shows the alert status right now that can be normal, triggered, active, resolved, or no data.

Last Evaluation Period: indicates the evaluation period status. For more information about the evaluation period, see the create an alert page.

Assigned to: shows the name of links/routes that an alert is assigned to.

Alert Template: indicates the name of the alert template which is assigned to the link/route.

Alert Check: shows if the alert is running or out of schedule.

Last Check: the last date and time that the alert gets updated.