Address road congestion from anywhere

Reducing Road Congestion in the Here and Now

Road congestion can happen anywhere, at any time. We equip Traffic Operations and Signal Specialists with a variety of options to remotely address road congestion wherever and whenever they occur.

Our Solution

Congestion Monitoring

  • Real time monitoring of vehicle travel time, speed, queue length, delay and more
  • Point and click to pinpoint any intersections, arterials or corridors to monitor leveraging crowdsourced data.                          Try iNode for free today
  • Customer-owned or rental Bluetooth or radar sensors to collect data 24/7 available 


Incident Alerts
  • Automated email notifications when congestion occurs 
  • Unlimited email recipients (registered users or unregistered stakeholders)
  • Static or historic benchmarks 
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Instant Feedback
  • Real-time feedback with live traffic data that helps you assess the effectiveness of your congestion mitigation strategies

Our Difference

Flexible Data Collection for Both Arterial and Highway Roads
  • Ad hoc event locations 
  • Intersections 
  • Highway ramps 
  • Corridors  
  • Work zones 
Highest Sample Size

Whether sensor or crowdsourced based, our data captures the highest sample size amongst all other comparable data sources.  

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Cost Effective

Whether you need to buy or rent sensors for a study or need data plan for managing congestion in ad hoc locations, we have an option that gives you the most data and insights for your budget.

Customer Success Stories

See how real time traffic data transformed the process of addressing road congestion. 

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Reducing off-ramp congestion through effective signal adjustments leveraging crowdsourced, real time, multi-location traffic data and analytics.

Collier County

Adapting road capacity based on smart data and analytics to accommodate for seasonal traffic and reduce congestion. 

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