Next generation solution features data fusion, edge computing and unmatched data collection capabilities by any single product on the market  

OTTAWA, August 11, 2022 – SMATS Traffic Solutions and Smart City NZ today announced a partnership that will introduce next-generation traffic data collection and analytics solutions to the New Zealand market.

The solution combines the strengths of SMATS’ TrafficXhub™ with smartmicro’s sensors to offer transportation officials in New Zealand unmatched data collection capabilities by any single product on the market. 

SMATS’ TrafficXhub sensors measure travel time by detecting MAC addresses from smart devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. Complementarily, smartmicro’s sensors detect traffic count, speed, and object classification metrics, with superior technology that features high-definition detection, 4D measurement, easy installation, maintenance-free usage, and significant cost-savings, compared to common under-ground or camera detection solutions.

With its powerful computing capabilities, TrafficXhub is paired with smartmicro sensors to edge-aggregate the data and transmit it to SMATS’ analytics powerhouse iNode. This end-to-end solution combines the two companies’ strengths in data fusion, edge computing and analytics to offer the unique capability of measuring travel time and a suite of spot traffic data – all in real-time – through a single solution.


“This solution has a wide range of applications,” said Amir Ghods, Founder and CEO of SMATS. “For example, the object tracking capabilities in smartmicro can track the movements of all traffic participants including vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, from entry to exit, at intersections, mid-blocks, and other road types. iNode is then engaged to generate custom insights that uncover optimization opportunities in road safety, traffic operations and engineering.”


“We were thrilled to add SMATS’ and smartmicro’s technologies for our customers in New Zealand,” said Ben Ransley, Co-Founder of Smart City NZ. “Together, we will change the way our roads are managed, building safer intersections, highways, and more efficient road infrastructure.”


“A visionary ITS product distributor, Smart City supplies only the best-in-class solutions to its customers,” said Amir Ghods, Founder and CEO of SMATS. “We share Smart City’s vision for helping to build connected, intelligent and sustainable cities and transportation, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see our products introduced to the government and industry innovators in New Zealand.”


Transportation officials are invited to inquire about the solution via the contacts below.


About SMATS 

Founded in 2015, SMATS Traffic Solutions specializes in hardware and software solutions for traffic data collection and analysis. Our technology is used to analyze millions of global road users’ traffic patterns each day. From travel time and signal analytics to origin-destination studies, our technology covers a plethora of use cases that have helped Departments of Transportation, Counties, Cities, and Ports build smart cities and transportation.


About Smart City NZ 

Founded in 2020, Smart City is leading the shift toward cities of the future by using smart technology to improve public safety, energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life. We use smart devices to capture and report real-time data about how we move around our cities. The work that we do and the smart city technologies that we provide are fast becoming essential to communities that use them to transform the way they live and work. Smart City provides hardware-driven city solutions in Smart Traffic Management, Smart Waste Management and Smart Furniture.


About smartmicro 

smartmicro designs, develops, and manufactures sensors for traffic management and automotive industries. For more than 24 years, smartmicro has been the leading specialist in high-performance radar technology.


For more information, please contact: 



Lucy Lai, Director of Marketing 

Phone: 613-417-0309 x 105 

E-mail: [email protected]  


Smart City New Zealand 

Ben Ransley, Co-Founder 

Phone: 64-9-829-2680 

Email: [email protected]