Autonomous vs. Assisted Driving: A Fork in the Road?

assisted driving

Drive-assist and autonomous cars have begun to emerge as very real possibilities for the market. Due to the thriving technology sector of transportation, we are being offered options that we have never had in the past. However, with great power comes great responsibility. The industry and its customers are now faced with the questions of “should we?” as opposed to “can we?”. We have the technological ability to do so much, but the world may not be ready.

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Can Autonomous Vehicles Kill Traffic Lights?

Improvements in the sensor technology and the emergence of connected vehicles and wireless communication have provided a base for the development of a new generation of vehicles with the ability to navigate on roads without human intervention. Autonomous vehicles use different sensor technologies such as LIDAR, ultrasonic, etc. to mimic the inception of human drivers of the surrounding environment in order to navigate on streets.


Many applications have been envisioned for autonomous vehicles. Among those, the Autonomous Intersection Management (AIM) has received special attention. 

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