Uber: Traffic Congestion’s Cure or Epidemic?

Since launching in 2010, Uber has grown into a transportation giant, claiming over 50% of the ride-hauling market. The popularity of Uber stems from the convenience and affordability of their rides. Exact cost is calculated based on weather, demand and other unpredictable factors. Uber has long claimed that it can help reduce traffic by getting people into shared rides and eliminating circling in search of parking, but does it actually?

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2018: A SaaS Society

We are coming into an age where not everything is tangible. More and more people are choosing a service rather than purchasing a product up front. Companies such as Freshbooks offer an accounting platform as a service as an alternative to paying outright for licensing. The tech and service worlds are colliding as more of these companies are appearing. Intellectual property is being created everywhere. This is a very different time from when our grandparents, or even parents, were our age. Today, there are so many tools, resources at our fingertips; and we may not be able to touch them all physically. This brings us to SaaS.

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