Dealing with Demand: How These 8 Ports & Rail Yards are Cracking Congestion

The days of limitation are over. You can order almost anything and have it in your hand the next day if you so desire. Coincidentally, the removal of limitation provokes an increase in wants. Consumers are more demanding than ever before as we all fight for the newest goods. But what happens when demand becomes so high that we don’t have the infrastructure to support it?
If you look at Ports and Railroads today, increased demand and shipping volumes are taking a toll that on our economy is clear. From fees and embargoes to expansion projects, transportation managers are racing to develop and improve. The revitalization of shipping operations in anticipation for continuously rising demands is happening now.

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Efficiency at Ports

Don’t go empty handed, take the fastest route and turn off the light when you leave the room. These are the instructions that we grew up with to teach us to be efficient and not waste; time, money or a trip. We now take these lessons and can use them in ports, at borders, on the road, you name it.

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