SMATS Traffic Solutions, the industry leader in smart mobility and traffic management solutions, today announced that it has been awarded a contract from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDoT) to provide crowdsourced traffic data through the iNode™ platform.

Under this contract, FDoT is subscribed to iNode™ crowdsourced traffic data analytics platform. This data will be used to send FDoT real-time notifications for use in active traffic management. The data will allow FDoT to monitor and control queue spillback on ramps by responding to changing traffic conditions in real-time. SMATS iNode™ sends alerts when traffic status changes based on user threshold or historical patterns to keep staff updated on changes as they occur.

SMATS iNode™ data analytics platform curates and enriches valuable data captured from crowdsourced traffic data, and applies cloud computing and artificial intelligence to analyze daily traffic. SMATS iNode™ provides accurate and reliable traffic data used in various traffic projects from Traffic Analysis, Before & After Studies, Origin-Destination Studies, and much more.

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Founded in 2015, SMATS Traffic Solutions specializes in hardware and software solutions for smart mobility traffic data collection and analysis. Our technology is used to analyze millions of global commuters’ traffic patterns each and every day. From travel time to origin-destination studies, our technology covers a plethora of use cases that have helped State Departments of Transportation, Counties, Cities, Ports, and more.