SMATS offers smartmicro’s ultra-high-definition sensors for real-time count and classification data. 


Smart mobility company SMATS Traffic Solutions has introduced the integration of smartmicro’s sensors to their product offerings. SMATS iNode™ analytics application ingests data from smartmicro’s ultra-high-definition radar sensors, creating a cost-effective and flexible solution. Together, they provide real-time traffic count and classification data.  

smartmicro sensors are used for a variety of applications to benefit traffic planners, traffic engineers, and transportation operators. These applications include queue length estimation, incident detection, wrong way driving detection, ramp metering, and collection of lane-specific traffic statistics. iNode™ provides a user-friendly dashboard to easily visualize and analyze data. With the iNode™ “alerts” feature, staff can respond quickly to traffic incidents when a customized threshold is triggered. Used together, smartmicro sensors and iNode™ enable smart and efficient traffic management, which is the cornerstone for Smart Cities and effective transportation management.  

 “At SMATS, we want to ensure that our clients are getting the best data available to them. smartmicro is a leader in radar technology, and the integration of their radar sensors with our iNode™ data analytics application will provide greater count and classification data and increased accuracy. We’re excited to expand our offerings and work with clients on integrating this technology to continue our mission of safe, efficient roadways” said Amir Ghods, CEO at SMATS Traffic Solutions.  

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About SMATS 

Founded in 2015, SMATS Traffic Solutions specializes in hardware and software solutions for smart mobility traffic data collection and analysis. Our technology is used to analyze millions of global commuters’ traffic patterns each and every day. From travel time to origin-destination studies, our technology covers a plethora of use cases that have helped State Departments of Transportation, Counties, Cities, Ports, and more. 

About smartmicro

smartmicro, located in Germany, is a specialist in sensor technology for traffic management as well as automotive industries. With over 24 years of experience, and over 80k traffic sensors deployed worldwide, smartmicro aims to optimize traffic flow and enable greener, smarter cities.