SMATS Traffic Solutions, the industry leader in smart mobility and traffic management solutions, today announced a partnership with National Data & Surveying Services (NDS), a leader in traffic data collection services. This partnership will address the traffic industry’s ongoing need for easily accessible and cost-effective traffic data to support roadway infrastructure improvements.  

SMATS iNode™ data analytics platform curates and enriches valuable data captured from traffic sensors and crowdsourced traffic data, and applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence to analyze daily traffic. SMATS iNode™ provides accurate and reliable traffic data used in various traffic projects from Traffic Analysis, Before & After Studies, Origin Destination Studies and much more.  

“Many Cities can benefit from additional streams of traffic data; this data can be used to improve traffic outcomes and citizens’ commute experience. We are very excited to be working with NDS. We truly believe their clients will benefit from this partnership as our models align perfectly with a focus on providing the most accurate and cost-effective traffic data possible” said Amir Ghods, CEO at SMATS Traffic Solutions.  

NDS has an experienced team of well over 100 professional full-time employees that work to ensure the successful coordination and completion of their data collection projects. In 2019, NDS completed 4,500+ projects for over 400 clients within their active/repeat customer database.  

“Many of our clients already consider SMATS to be an excellent big data option for their future big data needs.” Kevin Deal, Chief Operating Officer at NDS 

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About SMATS 

Founded in 2015, SMATS Traffic Solutions specializes in hardware and software solutions for smart mobility traffic data collection and analysis. Our technology is used to analyze millions of global commuters’ traffic patterns each and every day.  From travel time to origin-destination studies, our technology covers a plethora of use cases that have helped State Departments of Transportation, Counties, Cities, Ports, Academia, and more…  

About National Data & Surveying Services (NDS) 

Founded in 1989, NDS was established to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ data collection needs. NDS has over 30 years of successful corporate operations that have established us as the largest full-service traffic, transit, and GPS/GIS data collection company in the nation.