Accurate and cost effective solution for detecting incidents in real-time

Incident Detection Alerts with iNode™

The Alert is an iNode™ module designed for better monitoring of traffic status in real-time. This application informs iNode™ users by sending an email notification as soon as changes in traffic status happens. Therefore, there is no need for traffic officials to check the roads’ status constantly with cameras or wait to get incidents reports. Alerts can be set to monitor links and routes travel time and speed in iNode™. Hence, with this application, you can capture all critical conditions in your traffic network.

How it Works?


iNode™ takes a data-driven approach to detect traffic anomalies based on the real-time travel time or speed of a segment. Alerts can have two modes of operation: Static and Historical. Static Alert compares data to a constant value that the user sets, while Historical Alert compares the captured values to the historical data trends. Alternatively, the alert threshold can be set to a percentage of free-flow i.e. the alert goes off if the speed drops below that value. The alert’s sensitivity can be tuned. Multiple email recipients can be added including the iNode™ users and external email addresses.

Alert Notification Chart

Active Alerts Status

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