Bottleneck Detection

Travel Time and Speed Bottleneck Detection

Traffic practitioners can use iNode™ to find bottlenecks and problematic areas within their traffic network. Determine points of congestion in your current infrastructure, analyze the data, and better understand how to combat it. Allow iNode™ to help you find and rank the bottlenecks and most congested areas in your traffic jurisdition.


SMATS Traffic Solutions’ data analytics platform, iNode™, with integrated crowdsourced traffic data is designed to easily collect and analyze travel time data. iNode™ allows City and County traffic officials to capture travel time and speed data of their desired roads without installing or maintaining any hardware making it cost effective and hassle free.

“SMATS’ iNode™ platform provided the County’s Traffic Operations with the required data and online analysis tool to facilitate traffic officials’ work in achieving Traffic Operations’ mission. We have always received the needed support in a timely manner from SMATS.”

Anthony N. Khawaja P.E.

Chief Engineer of Traffic Operations, Collier County

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