July 1 marks the national holiday of Canada, Canada Day. Celebrations are held across the country including in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. The Ottawa celebrations feature concerts and cultural displays, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the vicinity of Parliament Hill where they must wait in line to pass through security checks before entering the main event site. In 2022, the event took place in LeBreton Flats, due to constructions on Parliament Hill.The event’s organizer,

Canadian Heritage, needed a solution to obtain real-time crowd flow data to manage staffing resources and visitor communications about wait times, as well as to optimize processes for future events.

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  • The customized solution includes IoT hardware and SMATS’ data analytics platform, iNode
  • How SMATS filtered out outlier data and ensured only pedestrian traffic was recorded
  • How did the real-time data help Canadian Heritage meet its event management goals