Case Study


Company Name: Collier County
Date: Jan 2018

Collier County is a county in the U.S. state of Florida. As of the 2010 census, the population was 321,520. Its county seat is East Naples, where the county offices were moved from Everglades City in 1962.


Collier County Traffic Operation has the mission of providing the best and most efficient road network for its citizens. Located in southwest Florida, Collier County experiences high fluctuation of seasonal traffic, it was crucial to collect up-to-date congestion data for the main road segments to prioritize those in need of immediate improvement with low Level of Service. In order to fulfill this goal, the Traffic Operation Section needs to measure travel time to determine roadway capacity, congestion areas, congestion time, and its duration. Also, travel time data can be used to evaluate traffic signal timing to assure high performance of the roads; however, collecting and analyzing travel time data at the county-level is both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Before adopting SMATS’ iNode, the County traffic officials had to drive the desired segments multiple times at different times of the day to collect the required travel time data. This way of collecting data makes it impossible to study longer segments across the County and monitor the roads 24/7. Therefore, Collier County Traffic Operation decided to automate this process to help its staff and collect travel time data more efficiently.

Figure 1: Dashboard view of iNode™


Collier County Traffic Operation chose SMATS Traffic Solutions’ data analytics platform, iNode™, with integrated crowdsourced traffic data to easily monitor and analyze travel time in real-time. iNode™ allows the County traffic officials to capture travel time and speed data of the desired roads without installing or maintaining any hardware. Also, iNode™ can capture travel time based on the given time schedule.

“SMATS’ iNode™ platform provided the County’s Traffic Operations with the required data and online analysis tool to facilitate traffic officials’ work in achieving Traffic Operations’ mission. We have always received the needed support in a timely manner from SMATS.”

Anthony N. Khawaja P.E.

Chief Engineer of Traffic Operations, Collier County

Collier County Traffic Operations

Collier County’s Traffic Operations Section monitors and maintains the County’s roadways to promote the safety and efficiency of the transportation system for its citizens and visitors. Collier County Traffic Operations consists of six sections, including In-House Design Group, Roadway Lighting, Roadway Signing and Marking, Traffic Facilities Locates, Traffic Management Center (TMC), and Traffic Signals. All these sections work closely together to provide the best and most efficient roads for the County.


SMATS’ iNode™ platform provides the County’s Traffic Operations Division the required data and online analysis tool to facilitate traffic officials’ work in achieving Traffic Operations’ mission. In other words, iNode™ provides the County with actual data to study the efficiency of all its road segments; therefore, Traffic Operation can determine possible alternatives to diminish congestion, and as a result, the County’s roads become more efficient.

Figure 2- Travel time chart of a sample link

Figure 3- Single link data comparison for different days

The Results

The Collier County Traffic Operations Section has been using iNode™ since September 2019. To date, the County has established more than 220 data collection links (or segments) with iNode™ to monitor and analyze travel time data online based on their needs. Figure 1 shows all the County links on the dashboard page of iNode™. As can be seen, the level of congestion of all the links can be monitored from the dashboard both online and offline. Each color represents a congestion level from most congested (dark red) to normal (green).

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