Data Analytics

Smats iNode ™ is a powerful processing platform that uses advanced filtering and data mining algorithms to provide accurate and robust traffic information from your collected Bluetooth and Wi-Fi samples. Through our API, the data travels to iNode, where it is automatically broken down and analyzed efficiently, saving user's time and avoiding any influence of human error that could impact data output.

By providing real-time data processing from scanners and historical data from Crowdsourced, iNode helps our customers to make data-driven decisions to reduce delay times by up to 50%, within their existing infrastructure capacities. Through the use of iNode, users can update scanner preferences such as activity level and turn scanners on and off instantly from anywhere.

iNode Features and Applications

Real-Time Traffic Map

Paired with the TrafficXHub™, iNode™ provides insights into traffic data as it is collected in real-time.

Role-Based User Management

iNode™ provides managers with the ability to control and limit user access within the platform.

Remote Control & Configuration

Within iNode™, you can remotely change scanning settings and configurations of your deployed TrafficXHub scanners.

Raw Data Export

Users can access and export the raw data they collect, giving you full control over your samples.

Sensor Status Indicator

View real-time statistics or updates on the status of your deployed TrafficXHub™ scanners.

Robust & State of The Art Filtering Algorithm

The intelligent and robust iNode™ filtering algorithm removes all the outliers from the data.


Set alerts for your desired traffic conditions and get notified in real-time.

Origin Destination Reports
Leverage the MAC address detection features of Smats scanners to generate automated origin destination reports.

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Signal Optimization
Optimize signal timing on a consistent basis using iNode's™ built-in algorithms, paired with TrafficXHub™ data.

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Travel Time Calculation
Leverage the MAC address detection features of Smats scanners to generate automated travel time calculation and reports.

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Queue Management
Measure and optimize wait-time delays in queues at borders, ports, or other facilities.

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