Congestion Monitoring

Travel Time Congestion Monitoring

Travel time measurement gives the most important traffic information for indicating a road’s mobility performance. Measuring travel times in real time can be the basis for data driven decisions which improve the traffic operations of road networks. For these reasons, accurate travel time measurement is one of the key factors in traffic management systems.

How Does it Work?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal signatures can be picked up by SMATS sensors while vehicles are moving along the roads. By matching the repeated MAC addresses and applying state of the art filtering algorithms, iNode™ can accurately measure travel time and average speed on various road segments. Alternatively, SMATS offers a no-sensor solution within iNode™ using crowdsourced traffic data, making rush hour traffic monitoring even easier.

Congestion Monitoring with iNode™

With the help of iNode™ the end-user can actively monitor traffic flow, pinpoint issues in congested areas, and identify and measure the impacts of construction. Using the platform allows City officials to monitor bottlenecks by creating links to capture travel times data on highways and roads within the specified area. The exported charts and CSV files of the data are used to validate project findings, support City decisions, investigate traffic issues, measure impacts of traffic pattern changes, and back-up necessary proposals, using this factual traffic data in place of anecdotal. Traffic Engineering and Operation can implement facets of iNode™ to streamline their traffic projects, such as utilizing before-and-after studies for traffic signal retiming or monitoring detours during road closures or incidents. 

Multiple Links Speed Comparison

Multiple Links Travel Time Comparison

Single Link Multiple Periods Speed Comparison

Single Link Multiple Periods Travel Time Comparison

Multiple Routes Heatmap Comparison

“Diverse functionality, remote accessibility, and the valid traffic data we obtain using SMATS’ iNode™ platform greatly helps us make many traffic-related decisions.”

Bruno Lepage

Incident Management Coordinator, City of Ottawa

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