Trucks Service Delay Measurement

Truck in-terminal turn times and gate wait times are valuable pieces of information about ports for trucking companies. This information allows the companies their visits to port's terminals for goods loading. The in-terminal turn time represents the amount of time it takes for a truck to be serviced by the terminal once it has entered the facility.The amount of time a truck must wait in queue, in the truck marshaling area, prior to being granted entry into the facility in known as gate wait time. Smats allows for easy measurement of both wait and in-terminal turn times, allowing for an optimized visit schedule and decreased loading delay.

How It Works
Smats Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors along with iNode analytics can be used to estimate trucks gate wait time and in-terminal turn times. This is accomplished through MAC address detection paired with real-time analysis. The real-time delay information can be presented on a port's main website or cell phone application, such that the driver can plan their visit accordingly. The solution minimizes both the driver's own delay, as well as the service delay at the port.