Border Crossing Delay Measurement

The cost of the U.S. and Canadian border delays has been estimated to be $30 billion each year. Worldwide, congestion continues to be a serious problem at land crossings. This impacts travelers and the ability of companies to move goods efficiently. However, a report by the Eastern Border Transportation Coalition found that having accurate and current information on border wait times is the key to identifying solutions, whether they are infrastructure improvements or border processing improvements. This is what Smats delivers.

How It Works
Smats sensors placed along the queue, along with iNode analytics, will accurately measure delay at the checkpoints. By knowing the expected wait time, this information can be broadcasted to end-users (travelers or companies), who can plan their trips accordingly. By spreading trips, borders can spread and minimize delay. Additionally, border departments can use the information to match their service rate to the level of demand, further reducing delay as well as departmental costs.

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