The Portable and Securable Scanner

Smats TrafficBox ™ is a pole-mount, battery operated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensor that is designed to be secured and left at any location of interest to collect data for several days at a time.

The TrafficBox ™ operates inside of a ruggedized waterproof and shockproof carrying case, allowing for easy transportation to any location. The pole-mount design allows for fast and easy installation and removal, making data collection effortless.




Increased Detection Rate
The hybrid Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning increase the detection rate of the TrafficBox™ over standard Bluetooth technologies, improving the reliability and accuracy of the collected traffic data.
Scanning Range
The TrafficBox™ Wi-Fi module provides adjustable scanning coverage, such that the detection area and direction can be adjusted on site. Adjustable Bluetooth Low Energy coverage is also available.
Cloud Storage
Our cloud server is designed to store the collected data for our clients. The data can be uploaded to the Smats cloud server at the site or stored in a local storage memory and uploaded in the office.
Raw Data
By providing access to raw data, along with filtered analytics, our clients have full control to develop optimization models and implement data-driven solutions for their traffic problems.


  • Portable, Easy-to-Use, and Quick to Install
  • Ideal for Medium-Length Data Collection Periods and Research Efforts
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof Carrying Case with Pole Mount
  • Extended Battery and Scanning Life
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Packet Scanning and Bluetooth Classic Scanning (Increased Matching Rate)
  • High Range Bluetooth Classic Paired and Bluetooth Low Energy Scanning (optional)
  • Variable Wi-Fi Scanning Range (50m-500m)
  • GSM optional for Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • Cloud-based Data Storage
  • Data Analysis Software

Set - Up Tutorial

Technical Specifications

Download the TrafficBox Technical Specifications Sheet.