iNode takes data collection and analysis even further with the capability to extract traffic data from Google Traffic Map

An additional tool for traffic managers, cities and states to help monitor and influence how traffic flows

Historical Data Analytics

iNode can capture real-time travel time data and perfom historical analysis.

Functional Applications

Access to Google data is ideal for uses such as before and after studies with traffic signal optimization and traffic simulation model calibration.

Validated Data Accuracy

In field trials we validated that Google data is very accurate for major roads and is suitable for real-time traffic monitoring applications and historical analysis.

Quick & Easy Set-up

There is no hardware required to utilize Google data, and the configuration with iNode is straight forward and fast.

iNode + Google Setup and Configuration

  1. Bring up Google map on the iNodeTM dash
  2. Identify location points for origin and destination sensors on the map
  3. Create and activate the link
  4. Enjoy traffic data at your fingertips

Yes, its really that easy.